Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Welcome to Our Online Book Club

Okay, here we go!  I've never done a blog before, let alone a collaborative one, so this should be a learning experience for all.  I'm not overly attached to the title, so if any of you have any ideas about what you would like it to be called, we can always rename it.  Suggestions are welcome.

My thought is that we can use this as a tool to better facilitate our book club.   I have several ideas, but I'm not really sure how to go about them so bare with me.  Here are some of my thoughts about how we can use this site:

* We can do reviews of other books we're reading outside the monthly selection.

* We can recommend / link our favorite writers, books, etc.

* We can schedule our meetings

* We can post discussion questions for the monthly selection

* We can post thoughts (non-spoiler) about the monthly selection and other books we are reading

* Whatever else y'all come up with.

There are a couple of major projects that I'm thinking about pursuing, but I imagine they are going to take some work to figure out.  The first is adding a forum for discussing books or whatever online via postings.  The second is podcasting.  I think at some point it would be fun to record our sessions and link them as podcasts.  Once I figure out how to go about it, we can do other podcasts on other subjects, like book reviews and stuff.

Anyway, I've taken the first step.  Don't feel like you absolutely have to contribute to the site, but at the same time don't be hesitant if you want to post something, add a section or gadget or whatever!  I'm really very excited about this little project and hope we keep it going.

Starting us off, Christine has selected The Luxe by Anna Godbersen, which looks to be a period piece for young adults set in 1899 New York.  Below is a link for more information on the book.



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