Friday, October 21, 2011

Horton Hears a Who

Alas, they have dared me, double dog too.
They want me to write a poem review.
Iambic pentameter would you not know?
They ask. I deliver. So, here we go.

The doctor is funny, he rhymes quite well.
Don't think its iambic but hard to tell.
The meter shifts sometimes but that's all good.
He rhymes where he's s'posed too... rhymes where he should 

Developing characters is hard to do,
But Seuss is a master, using but few
words to convey traits that we have all seen,
people near us can be kind and/or mean

Horton is careing, but not kangaroo.
Monkeys are meanies they can't hear the Who.
Pete Townsend's not in this, don't get confused.
These Who are from Whoville they feel abused.

Horton can hear them, so he tries to help.
Will all of the meanies hear, when Whos yelp?
You will have to read it if you would know
I am not telling cuz that spoils the show.

Teaching life lessons is what Seuss books do
I recommend them from upward of two.
Youngsters will love them, of this I am sure.
Some books are passing, but this ain't du jour.

This book is timeless, it's fun and it's fine.
Parents will like it right to the last line.
Read it tonight, you're kids will be happy.
I'm sure they'll love it, the rhymes are snappy.

Okay, so I did it, now it's your turn.
Kate, you started this, it's now your concern.
Write me a rhyming review, if you dare
iambic or not, i do not really care

Jen, I see you. You have not got away.
I challenge you too, dear, do it today.
I'm sure it will be great, please don't you fret.
Know you can do it, your best write up yet!


  1. Aw crap, I've been challenged to a duel
    It really is kind of cruel
    I will suck it up and see what I can do
    Just because you 'asked', Chrisaroo


  2. A duel? Perhaps excessive
    For rhyming is repressive
    To style, but it's impressive
    To make the words successive.
    I might become obsessive.

  3. WTF Chris, that was freakin' great!
    To be dared, well, it must be fate.
    You could really do this for real
    and maybe even get a sweet book deal!
    All i can say is, you've got some mad skillz...
    and you ROCKED it HARD, seriously for REALZ!!!

  4. wow dad that was an interesting review
    always nice to be entertained when reading the blog bout to go tell granny so she can see what a genius you are lol

  5. OMG!!! I think I just died. Daddy, where were these snazzy rhymes when you were putting us to bed at night?

  6. This is really good,
    I'm quite impressed
    Trust what I say
    cuz Mom knows best