Thursday, July 14, 2011

Something Smells Rotten: The Spoiler Page

Hi all!

I've started a sub-blog for discussion of plot points in books and movies based on books.  At this new site, feel free to post spoilers to your hearts content.  Use this main page to post spoiler free reviews, then link to any spoiler included content on the other site. The site can also be reached by clicking on the link above the Amazon Search box.

You can check out my introductory post at

I will be sending out invites giving the contributors access to post just as I did with this site.  Check your emails and respond as you did before.

Happy Reading!!


P.S. Yeah, I see it, but I caught the spelling error in the URL too late to do anything about it without doing more work than I'm willing to do to correct it. <sigh> Just appreciate the irony ;)

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